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Senior doubles
Number Surname First Name Gender Club +/- Time Tunnel Elapsed time Position Notes
301 Vincent Bob Male Independent          
  Bowie Brenda Female Independent          
302 Walker Matt Male Reading CC          
  Atkins Lee Male Reading CC          
303 Wiesbauer Clive Male Independent          
  Owen Robert Male Independent          
304 Allen Phil Male Independent          
  Whittaker Dickon Male Independent          
305 Gronborg Flemming Male Independent          
  Hoegh Vibeke Female Kano Og Kajakklubben Limfjorden          
306 Atherton Alex Male Independent          
  Lowe Jason Male Independent          
307 Green John Male Barking & Dagenham CC          
  Playle William Male Barking & Dagenham CC          
308 Hewitt Graeme Male Independent          
  Hewitt Giles Male Independent          
309 Cornwall-Legh Kenelm Male Shrewsbury School          
  Leach James Male Shrewsbury School          
310 Smith Richard Male Royal CC          
  Smith Edward Male Royal CC          
311 Bouteloup John Male Jersey Canoe Club          
  Searson John Male Jersey Canoe Club          
312 Wattam Richard Male Independent          
  Kimber Robert Male Independent          
313 Parker Philip Male Cranleigh School          
  Wilson Fergus Male Cranleigh School          
314 McCarter Ian Male Independent          
  Curran Piers Male Independent          
315 Cooper Rachel Female Exmoor Canoe Club          
  Jackson Katrina Female Exmoor Canoe Club          
316 Goss Jonathan Male Independent          
  Mews Tobias Male Independent          
317 Beaver Thomas Male None          
  Turnbull Stuart Male DOCTOR (TRAINING)          
318 Pollard Oliver Male Independent          
  Booth Tom Male Independent          
319 Ellicock John Male Independent          
  Ellicock Mike Male Independent          
320 Freeland Jeremy Male Independent          
  Griffiths Mark Male Independent          
321 Cotton Stephen Male Bradford On Avon CC          
  Cain Andrew Male Wey KC          
322 McCall Robert Male Soar CC          
  Harrison Richard Male Independent          
323 Holloway Steve Male Devizes Canoe Club          
  Holloway Alex Male Devizes Canoe Club          
324 Bragg Mark Male Integrate Paddling          
  Kriel Antoinette Female Greenwich          
325 Seward Tom christopher Male Independent          
  Speakman Nick john Male Independent          
326 Hall Robert Male Richmond CC          
  Moore-Barton Hannah Female Richmond CC          
327 Fryer Tom Male Canford School          
  Watts Gary Male Independent          
328 Walker Christopher Male Castlegate Quay          
  Wood Alasdair Male Castlegate Quay          
329 Venables Daniel Male JCSC          
  Metcalfe Liam Male JCSC          
330 Finnigan Kurt Male Welshpool Whitewater Club          
  Milligan Simon Male Grange Canoe Club          
331 Reynolds Daniel Male Cambridge CC          
  Bray Jonathan Male Cambridge CC          
332 Cientanni Antonio Male Viking KC          
  Dodson Mike Male Viking KC          
333 Bell Stuart Male Devizes          
  Nutland Adrian Male Devizes          
334 Higham Duncan Male CTCRM          
  Smith Kempley Male CTCRM          
335 Hoskin Shaun Male Independent          
  Lowe Danny Male Independent          
337 Williams Chris Male Castlegate Quay          
  Hubbard Mark Male Castlegate Quay          
338 Jones Matthew Male BCU          
  Patel Minesh Male BCU          
339 Dore Graham Male Poole Harbour CC          
  Jaggs Bill Male Poole Harbour CC          
340 Aylett Toby Male London Fire Brigade CC          
  Bowman Andrew Male Independent          
341 Moore Gareth Male Independent          
  Moore Andrew Male Independent          
342 Smith Alistair Male Independent          
  Simon Ian Male Independent          
343 Parker Sam Male Duffryn Conwy Paddlers          
  Smith Sam Male Independent          
344 North Doug Male Devizes Canoe Club          
  Weller Steven Male Devizes Canoe Club          
345 McKenna Barry Male Exeter CC          
  Wakley Gary Male Exeter CC          
346 Homersham Paul Male Reading CC          
  Jarvis Ben Male Independent          
347 Fletcher John Male Devizes Canoe Club          
  Hillier Jason Male Devizes Canoe Club          
348 Wells Bonnie Female Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers          
  Scott Johnathan Male Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers          
349 Campbell Stephen Male Devizes Canoe Club          
  Corbett Peter Male Devizes Canoe Club          
350 Rosedale Benjamin Male Independent          
  Creswell Richard Male Independent          
351 Halling Michael Male Independent          
  Lacey Simon Male Independent          
352 Stevens Anthony Male Independent          
  Day Steve Male Independent          
353 Smith Jamie Male Independent          
  Stavely wadden Luke Male Independent          
354 De barra Tadhg Male Salmon Leap          
  Bagnall Stephen Male Salmon Leap          
355 Currie Robert Male Independent          
  Platt Tim Male Independent          
356 Ferry John Male Ohana Wa'a'lele          
  White Andy Male Ohana Wa'a'lele          
357 Ball Mark Male Devizes Canoe Club          
  Sinnett-Jones Polly Female Devizes Canoe Club          
358 Ransom Michael Male QES Canoe Club          
  Piper Jamie Male QES Canoe Club          
359 Brophy Sam Male Maidenhead          
  Martin-Jones Christopher Male Maidenhead          
360 Thompson Julian Male Independent          
  Townley William Male Independent          
361 Jackson Simon Male Independent          
  Jose Gary Male Independent          
362 Welton Ted (edward) Male Dales Canoe Club          
  Kaye Mike Male Dales Canoe Club          
363 Downing Doug Male Wiltshire Police          
  Poole Dan Male Wilsthire Pollice          
364 Roberts Andrew Male Independent          
  Brown Rupert Male Independent          
365 Rose Tj Male Worcester Paddle Club          
  Rose Thomas Male Worcester Paddle Club          
366 Addison David Male South Tyneside Water Activity Centre          
  Addison Mark Male Trinidad & Tobago Surfski Federation          
367 Findlay Angus Male Independent          
  Franks Harry Male Independent          
368 Manning Greg Male Army Air Corps          
  Mutton Chris Male Army Air Corps          
369 Seward David Male Wokingham CC          
  Appleby Paul Male Wokingham CC          
370 Lane Hugh Male Poole Harbour CC          
  Stocker Mark Male Poole Harbour CC          
371 Higgins Edward Male Richmond CC          
  Woodcock David Male Richmond CC          
372 Betts Steve Male Metropolitan Police          
  Burke Russell Male Metropolitan Police          
373 Kerr-Shaw Ben Male AGC          
  Melly Matt Male RE          
374 Vater Amber Female Worcester CC          
  Vater-Lambert Adele Female Worcester CC          
375 Kew James Male Metropolitan Police          
  Kew Alex Male Metropolitan Police          
376 Campbell Derek Male Leighton Buzzard CC          
  Cox Jamie Male Basingstoke Canal Canoe Club          
377 Walker Anthony Male Windsor CC          
  Knight Andy Male Windsor CC          
378 Goddard Oliver Male Independent          
  Goddard Simon Male Independent          
379 Carpenter Harvey Male Independent          
  Hughes James Male Independent          
380 Blackburn Kieron Male Artists Rifles          
  Rudd David Male Artists Rifles          
381 Bowditch Ian Male Ealing CC          
  Wyndhamsmith Jane Female Ealing CC          
382 Hogan Mark Male Leaside CC          
  Harbut Steven Male Leaside CC          
383 Hollands Paul Male Northants          
  Clayton Phillip Male Northants          
384 Robinson Richard Male Bradford On Avon CC          
  Dillion Ian Male Bradford On Avon CC          
385 Rees David Male SOUTH WALES POLICE          
  Hunter Mark Male SOUTH WALES POLICE          
386 Freeman Neil Male Windsor CC          
  Ford David Male Windsor CC          
387 Richards Tony Male Poole Harbour CC          
  Dade Phil Male Poole Harbour CC          
388 Hubbard Matthew Male Independent          
  Harney Michael Male Independent          
389 Brown Daniel Male Sutton Bingham And District CC          
  Petts Athol Male Sutton Bingham And District CC          
390 Berchtold Oliver Male Richmond CC          
  Beaumont Martin Male Richmond CC          
391 Melik Richard Male Richmond CC          
  Bates Duncan Male Richmond CC          
392 Grover Liam Male Worcester CC          
  Leeke Gary Male Worcester CC          
393 Farleigh Steve Male Richmond CC          
  Goodchild Jaey Male Richmond CC          
394 Edwards Roger Male Chelmsford CC          
  Barry Michael Male Chelmsford CC          
395 Woollett Stephen Male Hemel Hempstead CC          
  Miller Craig Male Hemel Hempstead CC          
396 Bouch Mark Male Devizes CC          
  Lindop Holly Female Devizes CC          
397 Waters David Male Independent          
  Savage Gary Male Independent          
398 Dodds Jeremy Male 2 PARA          
  Le roux Christiaan Male 2 PARA          
399 Handley Simon Male Independent          
  Thomas Shane Male Wey KC          
400 Dyson Steve Male 2 PARA          
  Platt Simon Male 2 PARA          
401 Gillis Darien Male 2 PARA          
  Wall John Male 2 PARA          
402 Gargan Frank Male 2 PARA          
  Swannick Sam Male 2 PARA          
403 McClure Michael Male Independent          
  Hallissey Oisin Male Independent          
404 Donaghey Karl Male Independent          
  White Lee Male Independent          
405 Howlett Michael Male Metropolitan          
  Field Paul Male Metropolitan          
406 Lo Peter Male Ribble          
  Lo Lisa Female Ribble          
407 Llewellyn Huw Male Aberdeen University          
  Hill Sian Female Integrate Paddling          
408 Enoch Paul Male Nottingham CC          
  Farish Harriet Female Nottingham CC          
409 Smee Tim Male Independent          
  Smee Alistair Male Independent          
410 Shaw Edward Male Royal CC          
  Phillp Mike Male Royal CC          
411 Stickland Ben Male Royal Artillery          
  Threadgill Paul Male Royal Artillery          
412 Catto John Male Royal Artillery          
  Whitaker Ffreuer Female Royal Artillery          
413 Meacock David Male Royal Artillery          
  Wallis Michael Male Royal Artillery          
414 Murnaghan Liz Female Basingstoke Canal CC          
  Rees clark Tracy Female Basingstoke Canal CC          
415 Wibrew Michael Male Maidstone CC          
  Bannister Michael Male Maidstone CC          
416 Holmes Suzy Female Integrate Paddling          
  Jagger Roger Male Integrate Paddling          
417 Duff Craig Male Nottingham CC          
  Burton Mark Male Nottingham CC          
418 Blackman Ian Male Royal CC          
  Ruff Antony Male Royal CC          
419 Turner Mark Male Bristol CC          
  Hamilton Mark Male Independent          
420 Hinves James Male Southampton CC          
  Hinves huisman Martine Female Southampton CC          
421 Searle Richard Male Southampton CC          
  Pearson James Male Southampton CC          
422 Ashwell Jason Male Basingstoke Canal Canoe Club          
  Rees clark Steve Male Basingstoke Canal Canoe Club          
423 Wells Leigh Male Devizes Canoe Club          
  Nott Lee Male Devizes Canoe Club          
424 Wootton Gary Male Devizes Canoe Club          
  Lavery Gary Male Devizes Canoe Club          
425 Kantolinna Blair Male Southampton CC          
  Harriott Tom Male Southampton CC          
426 Hart Chris Male Independent          
  Hawitt Dan Male Independent          
427 Vahid Michael Male Richmond CC          
  Hunter Thomas Male Richmond CC          
428 Kemlo Robert Male Reading University          
  Clark William Male Reading          
429 Abson Will Male Richmond CC          
  Galucka Klaudia Female Richmond CC          
430 Edyvean John Male Fowey River CC          
  Turner Tristram Male Fowey River CC          
431 Birchell Paul Male Independent          
  Rider Sean Male Independent          
432 Archondakis Alan Male Longridge CC          
  Logan Stuart Male Longridge CC          
433 Cryer Matthew Male RMAS          
  Green Alex Male RMAS          
434 Bailey Henry Male RMAS          
  Daniell Peter Male RMAS          
435 Simpson Richard Male RMAS          
  Atkinson Richard Male RMAS          
436 Hendron Richard Male Richmond CC          
  King James Male British Army          
437 Gillespie Janet Female Pangbourne CC          
  Metcalfe Vicky Female Pangbourne CC          
438 Stobbart Daniel Male Metropolitan Police          
  Ormerod Kevin Male Metropolitan Police          
439 Hendron Henry Male Richmond CC          
  O'Brian Brendan Male Richmond CC          
440 Burgess Jack Male Independent          
  Hansford Rob Male Independent          
441 Anelay Lance Male Independent          
  Cunningham Ross Male Independent          
442 Harry Neil Male 1 Bn Welsh Guards          
  Goad James Male 1 Bn Welsh Guards          
443 Corbet burcher Alex Male Welsh Guards          
  Simpson Matthew Male Welsh Guards          
444 Stanners Andy Male MET POLICE CC          
  Sams Kev Male MET POLICE CC          
445 Armstrong Matthew Male Wiltshire          
  Mead Chris Male Wiltshire          
446 Stainsby Rob Male Richmond CC          
  Hayes Paul Male Richmond CC          
447 Glasspole Julian Male Independent          
  Simpson Ed Male Independent          
448 Lewis Gareth Male Falcon CC          
  Mullineux Nick Male Falcon CC          
449 Wickens Andrew Male Elmbridge CC          
  Cook Jonathon Male Elmbridge CC          
450 Corke Chris Male Independent          
  Steel Nick Male Independent          
451 Main Oliver Male Southampton CC          
  Taylor Ian Male Southampton CC          
452 Shelley Piran Male Richmond CC          
  Dawkins Russ Male Richmond CC          
453 Malkin Russell Male Independent          
  Mungeam Paul Male BCU          
454 Diana Aldo Male Independent          
  Maynard Ken Male Independent          
455 Luton Mark Male Metropolitan Police          
  Pender Kieran Male Metropolitan Police          

Number Surname First Name Gender Club +/- Time Tunnel Elapsed time Position Notes
601 Booth Nick Male Independent          
  Tipping Jon Male Independent          
602 Morgan Julian Male Independent          
  Willis Paul Male Independent          
603 Tiley Richard Male Independent          
  Whymark Jonathan Male Adur CC          
604 Hull John Male Tower Hamlets CC          
  Townsend Richard Male Tower Hamlets CC          
605 Skivington Paul Male Stour          
  Meaden Josh Male Stour          
606 Manton Leigh Male Independent          
  Price Dean Male Independent          
607 Bowers Helen Female Independent          
  Casey Helen Female Independent          
608 Vines Colin Male Wiltshire Youth Canoe          
  Tarrant Ashley Male Wiltshire Youth Canoe          
609 Hickman Robin Male Canoe Camping Club          
  Hickman Jenny Female Canoe Camping Club          
610 Albon Ross Male Commodore          
  Hook David Male Brigadier          
611 Beazley Steven Male Independent          
  Croucher Giles Male Independent          
612 Prosser Owain Male Falcon CC          
  Dyke Kevin Male Independent          
613 Squires Alex Male Independent          
  Squires Lee Male Independent          
614 Williams Ross Male Independent          
  Day Tom Male Independent          
615 Haskey Arthur Male RECC Veteran          
  Adnitt Nick Male RECC Veteran          
616 Hunter Charles Male Independent          
  Stubbing Rebecca Female Independent          
617 Gill Steven Male Devizes Canoe Club          
  Papworth-Smith Paul Male Devizes Canoe Club          
618 Garraway Robert Male Independent          
  Lewis Mark Male Independent          
619 Bradford Daniel Male Bradford          
  Emery Ross Male Emery7          
620 Rogers Mike Male Dorset Police          
  Westerby Allen Male Poole Harbour CC          
621 Mallabar Nick Male Wokingham CC          
  Mitchell Alun Male Wokingham CC          
622 Lilley Richard Male Independent          
  Townsend Michael Male Independent          
623 Wilson Tony Male Abbotsholme School          
  Ross Angela Female Abbotsholme School          
624 Witcomb Alan Male Abbotsholme School          
  Witcomb Philip Male Abbotsholme School          
625 Meaney Liz Female Meridian CC          
  Hollman Adrian Male Meridian CC          
626 Stockley Andrew Male Independent          
  Keevill Johnny Male Independent          
627 Johnstone Jemima Female Richmond CC          
  Sanders Marie Female Richmond CC          
628 Leak Alistair Male Kingston Uni          
  Tulloch Scott Male Kingston Uni          
629 Clarke Ben Male A.D.J. CC          
  Tamlyn Neil Male A.D.J. CC          
630 Terrace David Male Independent          
  Griffin Darren Male Independent          
631 Ward Richard Male Jesmond Jaguars CC          
  Allen James Male Jesmond Jaguars CC          
632 Henderson Kaye Female Girl Guides          
  Watkinson Olivia Female Girl Guides          
633 Yarrow Nigel Male Independent          
  Brooke Jamie Male Independent          
634 Davidson - smith Edward Male Kimbolton School          
  Curtis David Male Independent          

Junior doubles
Number Surname First Name Gender Club +/- Time Tunnel Elapsed time Position Notes
101 Winzar Tadhg Male Kimbolton School          
  Taylor Max Male Kimbolton School          
102 Patel Vishal Male Kimbolton School          
  Abdallah Stephan Male Kimbolton School          
103 Bickerdike Georgina Female Kimbolton School          
  Valletta Charlotte Female Kimbolton School          
104 Andrews Tom Male Kimbolton School          
  Middleton Huw Male Kimbolton School          
105 Murphy Jemima Female Kimbolton School          
  Trotman Sophie Female Kimbolton School          
107 Middleton Megan Female Fowey River CC          
  Southey Michael Male Fowey River CC          
108 Dibble Harry Male Dauntsey's School          
  Powell Douglas Male Dauntsey's School          
109 Lowth James Male Dauntsey's School          
  Radevsky Oscar Male Dauntsey's School          
110 Newell Victoria Female Dauntsey's School          
  O'Keeffe Isabel Female Dauntsey's School          
111 Roberts Jonathan Male Dauntsey's School          
  Tawney Harry Male Dauntsey's School          
112 Davis David Male Dauntsey's School          
  Heath Alex Male Dauntsey's School          
113 Garrard Matthew Male Dauntsey's School          
  Roberts Kristen Female Dauntsey's School          
114 Parkes Dani Female Dauntsey's School          
  Potts Lizzie Female Dauntsey's School          
115 Forward Lily Female Dauntsey's School          
  Ramsay Hannah Female Dauntsey's School          
116 Dobson Edward Male Devizes Canoe Club          
  Staff Callum Male Cokethorpe School CC          
117 Green Tom Male Marlborough College          
  Campbell Will Male Marlborough College          
118 Sopwith George Male Marlborough College          
  Higham Nicholas Male Marlborough College          
119 Allport Nick Male Marlborough College          
  Bunch Laurence Male Marlborough College          
120 Dawson George Male Marlborough College          
  Morgan Oli Male Marlborough College          
121 Heaney Sam Male Marlborough College          
  Legge Charlie Male Marlborough College          
122 Evan Jasmin Female Marlborough College          
  Kirkbride Adam Male Marlborough College          
123 Conlen Ben Male Marlborough College          
  Kay William Male Marlborough College          
124 Drewett Tim Male Marlborough College          
  Kidwell Alex Male Marlborough College          
125 Blurton George Male Cranleigh School          
  Preece Callum Male Cranleigh School          
126 Bowey James Male Cranleigh School          
  Townsend Rory Male Cranleigh School          
127 Butler Luke Male Cranleigh School          
  Wilson Freddie Male Cranleigh School          
128 Collier Tom Male Cranleigh School          
  West Dom Male Cranleigh School          
129 Durant Sam Male Cranleigh School          
  Thomson Sam Male Cranleigh School          
130 Gilligan-Court Lucy Female Cranleigh School          
  Wallis Katie Female Cranleigh School          
131 Haugli Torsie Female Cranleigh School          
  Subba Row Emily Female Cranleigh School          
132 Ide Gus Male Cranleigh School          
  Sharpe Seb Male Cranleigh School          
133 Lyster Olivia Female Cranleigh School          
  Roberts Arabella Female Cranleigh School          
134 McConnell-Wood Olivia Female Cranleigh School          
  Shaw Ellie Female Cranleigh School          
135 King Amoret Female Reading CC          
  Churnside Amelia Female Reading CC          
136 Bryan Holly Female Devizes Canoe Club          
  Trainor Adam Male Devizes Canoe Club          
137 Smith Isobel Female Basingstoke CCC & All Hallows          
  Smith Naomi Female Basingstoke CCC & All Hallows          
138 Staff Isaac Male Cokethorpe School          
  Kratt Elliott Male Cokethorpe School          
139 Muller Greg Male Cokethorpe School          
  Bennett Jack Male Cokethorpe School          
140 Barnicoat George Male Cokethorpe School          
  Allen James Male Cokethorpe School          
141 Taylor Louis Male Cokethorpe School          
  Marmon Phil Male Cokethorpe School          
142 Cox Alana Female Devizes Canoe Club          
  Dixon Abi Female Devizes Canoe Club          
143 Cardale Tamsin Female Blundell's School          
  Evans James Male Blundell's School          
144 Bruce Harry Male Blundell's School          
  Thomson Edward Male Blundell's School          
145 Boddington Christopher Male Blundell's School          
  Evans Frederick Male Blundell's School          
146 Heeley Joseph Male Abbotsholme School          
  Gray Alexander Male Abbotsholme School          
147 Clarke Jack Male Devizes Canoe Club          
  Strudwick Ryan Male Devizes Canoe Club          
148 Dyer Jason Male Basingstoke Canal Canoe Club          
  Taylor James Male Basingstoke Canal Canoe Club          
149 Gale Kate Female Devizes Canoe Club & Devizes School          
  Russ Catherine Female Devizes Canoe Club & Devizes School          
150 Harris Thomas Male Bryanston School          
  Armytage Harry Male Bryanston School          
151 Brotherton-Ratcliffe Henry Male Bryanston School          
  O\'Rorke Christopher Male Bryanston School          
152 Boreham Nicholas Male Basingstoke Canal Canoe Club          
  Rees-Clark Michael Male Basingstoke Canal Canoe Club          
153 Ledward George Male Bedford School          
  Wood James Male Bedford School          
154 Kay Adrian Male Bedford School          
  Dziwisch Alex Male Bedford School          
155 Tsui Leo Male Bedford School          
  Kirpichenko Dmitry Male Bedford School          
156 Steinmeyer William Male Bedford School          
  Beazley Ben Male Bedford School          
157 Carus Will Male Tonbridge CC          
  Clark Phil Male Tonbridge CC          
158 Bury Tom Male Kelly College          
  Macfarlane James Male Kelly College          
159 Humble-Smith George Male Kelly College          
  Hext Tristan Male Kelly College          
160 Harold George Male Kelly College          
  Carpenter-Warren Cameron Male Kelly College          
161 Rickard Tom Male Kelly College          
  Sorrell Will Male Kelly College          
162 Croft Jonathon Male Kelly College          
  Elliott Jonathon Male Kelly College          
163 Gorringe Owen Male Kelly College          
  Searle Rupert Male Kelly College          
164 Ball Darcey Female Kelly College          
  Jones Lucy Female Kelly College          
165 Bell Catriona Female Kelly College          
  Dawes Natasha Female Kelly College          
166 Von der groeben Sophie Female Kelly College          
  Burton Catherine Female Kelly College          
167 Sivyer Laura Female Kelly College          
  Kneen Alice Female Kelly College          
168 Aldridge Greg Male Tonbridge CC          
  Clark Rory Male Tonbridge CC          
169 Lewis Milly Female Churcher's College          
  Short Kate Female Churcher's College          
170 Bracey Duncan Male Churcher's College          
  Turner Alex Male Churcher's College          
171 Hack Philip Male Churcher's College          
  Shield Josh Male Churcher's College          
172 Withrington Spencer Male Churcher's College          
  Yardley Christopher Male Churcher's College          
173 Parson Verity Female Churcher's College          
  Strick Katie Female Churcher's College          
174 Passmore Jonathan Male Tonbridge CC          
  Yardly James Male Tonbridge CC          
175 Minshall Alexander Male Royal Hospital School          
  Myatt Chris Male Royal Hospital School          
176 Simmons Joseph Male Royal Hospital School          
  Beaton Monty Male Royal Hospital School          
177 Drummond Errol Male Royal Hospital School          
  Evans Rhys Male Royal Hospital School          
178 Bailey Lamorna Female Royal Hospital School          
  Bailey Elysia Female Royal Hospital School          
179 Warwick-Brown David Male Royal Hospital School          
  Seabright Gemma Female Royal Hospital School          
180 Jones William Male Royal Hospital School          
  Snoddon John Male Royal Hospital School          
181 Muller Tim Male Cokethorpe School CC          
  Reif Fred Male Cokethorpe School CC          
182 Peters Connor Male Fowey River CC          
  Spierings Giel Male Fowey River CC          

Vet_Junior doubles
Number Surname First Name Gender Club +/- Time Tunnel Elapsed time Position Notes
51 Stanford Guy Male Independent          
  Stanford Ben Male Independent          
52 Jewers Simon Male Dorset Fire Service          
  Jewers Alex Male Air Cadets          
53 Way Chris Male Royal Grammar School Guildford          
  Way Paul Male 1st Horsell Scout Group          
55 Willis Stephen Male Southampton CC          
  Willis Sam Male Southampton CC          

Senior singles
Number Surname First Name Gender Club +/- Time Tunnel Elapsed time Position Notes
701 Yeomans Michael Male Kirkcaldy Canoe Club          
702 Heath James Male Independent          
703 Van zyl Louis Male Independent          
704 Baylis Clive Male Independent          
705 Russell Jack Male Independent          
706 Pickering Ben Male 25th Southampton Sea Scouts          
707 Hancock Jamie Male North Kent Police Kayak Section          
708 Johnston John Male Peterhead Canoe Club          
709 Johnson Carter Male Merrell Shoes          
710 Martin Sean Male Richmond CC          
711 Collender Guy Male Putney Bridge Canoe Club          
712 Meachin Rebekah Female Ealing CC          
713 Pearce Ryan Male Fowey River CC          
714 Carson Mike Male Independent          
715 Crump Deborah Female Burton Canoe Club          
716 Burkhardt Steffen Male International          
717 Moller Dennis Male Independent          
718 Quigley Eamon Male Salmon Leap          
719 Goodall Malcolm Male Pennine CC          
720 Grieve Mike Male Pangbourne CC          
721 Holmes Graham Male Rabbit Independent Paddlers          
722 Dunn Stuart Male Leaside CC          
723 Petty Josh Male Independent          
724 Martin Michael Male Leighton Buzzard          
725 Kell Alan Male Independent          
726 Whitby David Male Independent          
727 Partrige Graham Male Independent          
728 Platt Carl Male Independent          
729 Gunney Phil Male Wey KC          
730 Broughton Lizzie Female Richmond CC          
731 Pope Christopher Male HQ Land Forces          
732 Driskel Daniel Male Ealing CC          
733 Francis Sarah louise Female Basingstoke Canal Canoe Club          
734 Deed Charles Male Reading University          
735 Lavarack Ian Male Richmond CC          
736 Stringfellow Duncan Male Wokingham CC          
737 Dunlop James Male Wey KC          
738 Chappel Jeremy Male Independent          
739 Campbell Archie Male Devizes CC          
740 Verret Imogen Female 4 MI Bn          
741 Butler Billy Male Falcon CC          
742 Sutherland James Male Reading CC          
743 Krysik Paul Male Independent          
744 Smith Ian Male Independent          
745 Stonehouse Graham Male Richmond CC          
746 Page Aaron Male Royal Engineers Canoe Club          
747 Collins James Male Royal Engineers Canoe Club          
748 Borrowdale Christopher Male Royal Engineers Canoe Club          
749 Freeland Robert Male Longridge