DW Volunteers

DW is organised and run entirely by volunteers. One of the many challenges we face is finding the 350+ volunteers required to make the race 'work' every year. There are so many jobs that the volunteers do both over race weekend and throughout the whole year. Some serve on the organising team, these people meet every month, either online, by telephone or in person. Most give time over race weekend when there are unpaid heroes all along the course who give up their time to help others face the challenge of the Devizes to Westminster Canoe Race. We have a steady supply of people who regularly give their time - we think they do a fantastic job.

However we always need new people to help with new tasks or step up when others have decided to move on. Here are some examples of what we require:

We also need volunteers throughout the year as part of the Organisational Team members - people prepared to assist throughout the year with the race, whether in the context of publicity, finance, safety, communications or negotiating the necessary permissions to run the race.

These are just some of the things our volunteers do. It can be hard work, the weather can be awful, some have very little sleep, tempers get a bit frayed. On site at Westminster the added hazard of 'Big Ben' for company, and the emergency services going over Westminster Bridge with blues lights flashing and sirens wailing. But you can have a great deal of fun. As with much of DW, it can be character forming! Many of our volunteers come back every year, some from Germany, Isle of Wight, and Norfolk, so it can't be that bad.

Volunteering is a way of giving something back to the race for those who have done it in the past and also a way of familiarising yourself with it if you are thinking of doing it in the future. It can be great fun and very rewarding and many of the teams come back year after year. If you are interested in helping in some capacity or want to learn more, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator Rachel Dennis.

To volunteer some time or enquire about what is involved, please email Rachel Dennis or get in touch through the DW Group on Facebook. Let Rachel know how you're prepared to help along with your contact details and they'll be passed on to the most appropriate team.